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Imagination, Light, belief

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From my early years up till now I have studied biblical scripture. I also have read other religious text like the baga VA gita, Quran etc etc. After going through a divorce and fell into depression I sought God through prayer, scripture then finally I dabbled in psychedelics. At first I was thought what I saw was real but after awhile I learned it was more relatively real. Most of what I seen felt like archetypes, beliefs and fears but I also got a sense of it be truth to some degree. One thing I saw was how light was not only connected to God but I'm many ways that who God is. I saw this light as being a combination of Love and infinite potential and being. After seeing what I saw on psychs and deciding that I don't like taking psychs to see God due to my faith I have now been seeking other methods like meditation. One thing I stumbled on in my search for communicating with God was Neville Goddard. I believe some but not all of His stuff. I do think our thought/imagination mixed with a deep believe in said imagination can effect our reality and manifest. But the one thing a disagree with is that I think Christ not only lives within but also did have an earthly ministry as well. Anyways my point to this post is to discuss ways of communicating with God through various means? How to Use your imagination and beliefs properly?