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How do we know for sure orbital energy weapons haven't already been deployed? All the technology for them to exist has existed since the 70's at the least. Hell, you can buy a laser powered camping fire starter off of amazon for just a couple bucks.

Sure, weaponized satellites are banned by the UN or geneva convention or whatever. But since when has that stopped Russia or China from flat out ignoring them, and doing war crimes anyway? Like with the Tibetan monks, or the Ukraine invasion.

And how do we know they have never been used or tested? It wouldn't leave any evidence of any weapon other than a burned area, which could easily be blamed on more mundane causes.

It could even be a quite form of retaliation, used to burn up some unimportant area as proof it works, like some forest. Or pin point targets in a very public place without anyone noticing as an example, like some cars parked along a sidewalk in a busy street without damaging any of the surroundings.