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/x/pill me on the State of California

>the most liberal/leftist state of US currently
>was formerly the most eugenics state in the US
>The United Nations was created there
>Hollywood is there
>Silicon Valley is there
>Bohemian Grove is there
>René Guénon suspected that the additional eighth of “Seven Towers of the Devil" was located in California
>Blavatsky's "ideas" refer to a new root race, the sixth root race which will be established in California and one of three important Theosophical centers in US was located in Krotona (Hollywood), California
>state with more Chinese, Hispanics/Latinos and Asian Indians in the US
>Jack Parsons, disciple of Aleister Crowley, performed his Babalon Working there
>The Counterculture of the 1960s/Hippie Movement started there too
>bizarre cults like the Manson Family, Process Church of the Final Judgment, Church of Satan, Temple of Set, People's Temple, Heaven's Gate, etc... were there
>was the US state with the most serial killers
>the Black Panthers was founded there
>most West Coast rappers are from there
>1992 Los Angeles riots
>the father of the current governor (William Newsom), Gavin Newsom, worked with a SS Gestapo Paperclip (Otto von Bolschwing)
>was the first state where an openly gay man was elected to public office in the United States (Harvey Milk)
>most pornography in the US was made in the San Fernando Valley (Porn Valley)