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So idk where else to post this and I need to let someone else know about this cause I can't tell family/friends cause they'll think I'm going insane. Basically since after COVID first hit I've had sleeping problems to where it takes me forever to fall asleep so I decide to start taking melatonin every night, no more then 10 mg max. Now this could just be an effect of the melatonin but I began to have these damn night terrors that leave me lying in my bed in a state of panic thinking that it's real. They go on and off for a few months but when they happen, boy is it hard to forget them. So I just want to share them just to make sure I'm not getting trolled by a demon or Morpheus.

I'll start with the earliest one:
>be me
>standing in this white void
>in front of me is a woman
>the woman has snow white skin with two horn coming out of her skull that were covered in blood like they just sprung up and she had these long sharp nails
>also in a fifties housewife dress like the type you'd see in I Love Lucy or one of those old shows
>ofc this is already freaking me out enough already but the worse part about her were her eyes
>she had these yellow reptilian looking eyes like a snake and she kept looking at me with the sense that she wanted nothing more then to frigging mutilate me or something
>she was holding a cane and pointing to this poster board that had all these weird ass drawings on it
>she starts talking to me in this freakish language that I've never heard before and keeps smiling at me the entire time

Idk wtf it could be, if I'm just insane that would be a relief. I have more dreams that I remember this is just the first one I recall clearly.