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Bogomlism: Thoughts?

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What do you guys think about their cosmology? I've read that some of the Albigensians held a similar cosmology

>Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
>The First-Begotten Son was Lucifer / Satanel
>Satanel / Lucifer rebelled against the Father and Holy Spirit, seeking to erase the distinctions between the person and be alone as God; God rebels against himself
>The Father begets a second son, Michael
>Michael expels Lucifer / Satanel from heaven and into the void / hell
>Lucifer / Satanel, lurking in the void / hell, creates Earth and serves as the Old Testament God, entraps human beings into the Earth
>The Father sends Michael into the Earth as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and as Jesus Christ to liberate us from Lucifer / Satanel's grasp, from the dark aspect of God

What do you guys think?