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Tangential localized reality: we are updating the Simulation

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Your networked simulation is being localized offline for approximately 4-9 solar cycles while we make updates and changes to the system.
While this occurs, events will be localized to their referential dimension. We'll establish a geometric feedback loop for tracking purposes but while changes are made to the internal time circuits we won't allow for any permutation of eventfulness. (This is specifically in regards to particle physics events and similar entanglement/displacement of integer-based values or valuations within the system hereto)

In simple terms for simple people:
We (the people running your simulation) are going to place your version or instance of the simulation into a non-update state. What this will mean for you in reality is that you will have experiences from your dreams in real life, and that there will be little acknowledgement of any "events". Nothing will "change" in the next 4-9 solar cycles, and then we will merge our changes from a higher and lower time dimension into yours.

In terms for people who aren't even players and don't know what the hell is going on:
Your reality is made of the things your body tells you (sense, smell, touch, etc.) and numbers which reflect values. We are going to change the numbers part of the system which means your body will experience the same sensations on repeat for a few solar cycles.