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Let me run this thought across you

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1. I absolutely don't believe black goo is AI and not necessarily demonic, I understand we have black slime now that we're going to use for surgeries, but I disbelieve that its the same black goo that we founding Egypt and that we see in other places .

If it was the same type of substance it would repair the inhabitants of the sarcophagus .

No no the black goo I'm talking about is of a more interdimenshional thing or maybe some kind of manifestion of negativity or nightmares, I saw somewhere that it was associated with dreams .

could even be substance of the abyss(just becuase leviathan makes the abyss it's home does not mean the abyss is "demonic") .

Alright already let's get to the point

>shadowmen are made of black ooze

I don't have much evidence for this it just sorta clicked in my head, so if you think the same and have actual evidence and research instead of larping, please comment.