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I need informations about the number "726"

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(sorry, I'm French and my English is not very well)


1) I am born on 16/2/1986 (french date-format is day/month/year) which gives 1+6/2/1+9+8+6 which gives 7/2/24 which gives 7/2/2+4 which gives 7/2/6. (theosophical reduction).

2) I am born in a French City called : "LE BLANC-MESNIL" which has a numerical value of 726 in "english gematria"/"sumerian gematria" : https://www.gematrix.org/?word=le+blanc+mesnil

3) My name is MIKAËL DR*N***, if you only take the consonants (you have to know that there are no vowels in the hebrew alphabet) it gives "MKL DRN". If you replace the letters "MKL DRN" by numbers it gives :

MKL = 13x11x12 = 1716
DRN = 4x18x14 = 1008
1716 + 1008 = 2724 = 2+724 = 726 !!!

So, we get the number "726" with :

1) = my date of birth
2) = the place where I am born
3) = my complete name (first name + family name)

...you can make an ID CARD with those very importants informations which are specific and not the same for each human on this planet.

I know that "726" is the isopsephia value of "The Messiah", in Greek.
I know that it is the numérical value of "antichrist" too, in "english gematria".

So, I need to understand what happens to me.

You have to know too, that I suffer from PARANOÏD SCHIZOPHRENIA and that I discovered all those things about the number 726 after a big crisis (delirium). Now I take the neuroleptic ABILIFY and I am stabilised.

PLEASE, I need informations about the number "726",

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards.