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Don’t walk in the woods at night

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Hey x, just had a creepy thing happen to me, I decided tonight to walk this trail in the woods at 12 at night just because, usually I’m not to scared cause I’m a big guy, but as I was walking around the furthest part of the path from civilization I heard this scrape of movement from a bush as I walked past and thinking it’s an animal I made my steps louder on purpose to try to scare it away but then I start hearing a staticky sound of music coming from around where I heard that movement, it’s like coming from a phone speaker but it’s staticky and glitchy, sounding like it could be from far away or close as I’m walking away I hear it get closer and then I book it. I heard of skinwalkers and cryptids at night I wondered if they could make music like sounds to to try to lure me it really left me disturbed and now I’m not gonna walk in the woods at night anymore.