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redpill me on THE TRUTH about stones

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yeah this is going to be all-out "crazy" sounding, idc. whatever. what do you geologists know THE TRUTH? about stones? spill it!! i know someone knows the secrets of the earth's materials and inorganic, "nonliving" things that have been around for a crazy long time!
lately i've been getting stoned and getting stones, for fun. i would let stones of noteworthy interest just "call out" and be picked. i started to develop more taste and scrutiny for stones.
recently, some particularly interesting, rich, deep dark green and red stones, with a silky, oily, soft texture and just a few lines, pleasantly mostly-straightish forms, can be stood in different positions and balance nice and flat.
i found out these are precious, geo specimen jades that should NEVER be cut. rough ugly low-grade stones can be hacked up, but some stones should never be altered in any way, only activated after cleaning. with human bodily energy.
i know there's something going on here, and geologists know it. what are the secrets of the rocks?
i went back to my collection, many are novel ryolites (i think? really brand new to alt-geology), but i picked out MANY jades on whims. mostly low-grade, but man a few are just 10/10 when you grade on a curve and know no one's perfect.
another thing? self-defined stones break and you know it's broken. don't mean crumbly stuff like mica. i mean stones with crystal guts. their "skin" compresses their crystal guts to activate them. "polished" and cut stones = dead. their skin is off, they've been butchered and are dead.
my jades are GLAD i didn't view them as money or something to cut?? stones are sentient? explain.