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random records appeared in collection

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I have a small vinyl collection, nothing crazy, maybe 25 records some new and some second hand. In July 2021 I noticed 5 records appear in my collection that had definitely never been there:

Prince: Purple Rain (1984)
Bon Jovi: Slipper When Wet (1986)
a compilation of various 80s funk music (think Chaka Khan)
Blondie: Eat to the Beat (1979)
Giorgio Moroder: Deja Vu (2015)

The Blondie and Prince are my music taste, the last one was kind of obscure and I had never heard of it but it had a very pretty holographic label.

All five records were brand new and still sealed in their plastic wrap. It was right after my birthday and I assumed it was a gift and whoever it was would reveal themselves but here's the thing ... No-one ever has and I don't have a whole lot of friends in this city. I have asked them but they all seem genuinely as perplexed and confused as I am. A year on no new records have appeared.The only possibilities as I see it:

I bought them and am going crazy, but while I suffer with depression my mental health has always been good and there is no examples of blanks in my memory nor charges on my credit cards.

An elaborate, expensive and oddly generous prank by one of my friends but none of them seem the type

Our cars have been broken into it and my wallet stolen, maybe a repentant burglar who shoplifted records and broke in as an apology

My housemate at the time was mentally unwell and collected records too, maybe she bought/ was gifted them, put them in my collection and forgot? When asked she said her mental health wasn't bad enough

Something occult? The house we live in is old and lots of people make comments about finding it creepy or like they are being watched. But the records were clearly store bought, still sealed and there doesn't seem to be anything occult about the contents. Has anyone heard of random records appearing like this?

TL;DR five records appeared in my vinyl collection and there is no logical explanation