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God she's so fucking evil. I hate her so god damn much AHHHHHHH, just look at her eyes, bat shit insane possum eyes, how did she ever gain fame and fortune? God, i remember my auntie watching her show when i was just a kid. i was innocent and never even noticed how awful she was. I never even knew she was a dyke lesbian cause i was just a kid. And i just wanted my aunty to get on the phone and talk to her friends so i can watch SpongeBob square pants. Growing up sucks, fuck just look at those evil eyes, look at her throat, look at how much make up she has on, everything is fake. She just had all the money and power to play a fake good character on TV that everyone liked and she was known for being generous, I literally thought her name was Ellen the generous as a kid but now i know her as Ellen the DEGENERATE. Fuck i guess this is how they got us to feel a certain way about the world by tricking us. she's a real wolf in sheep's clothing, God all mighty how can people even have sympathy for her today? she's probably one of the highest ranking witches there is on earth and probably kills human trafficked kids with her barehand and eats their liver and organs raw. I hate her so much guys