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my spooky experience

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>be me
>grew up in a christian family living right next to a church with a pastor for a dad
>never played with anything dark / quite a good little boy
>around 20 years old. first year of uni
>laying in bed. nothing i can remember to spur anything like this on / act as a catalyst
falling asleep. bed doing that wobble kind of thing that sometimes happens. conscious that im about to fall asleep
>suddenly out of the corner of my eye i see something sitting on top of my half opened wardrobe drawer.
>looks exactly like picrel holding a staff and a tarot card
>my vision 'zooms' in on the tarot card everything goes black
>at the same second, a sharp pain emits from my lower / middle back like a bad stitch
>i reactively start saying the lords prayer in my mind and remain fairly calm thinking that the pain will go away.
>goes away after 10 seconds or so.
>i do a scan of the room and sign of relief.
just as i relax again, bam the pain hits again (i dont see anything this time)
>this time it is far worse. whole back feels cramped / spasmed up. cant breath and quite scared. i try and yell to parents for help but cant make any sound.
>start saying the lords prayer again
lasts a good 30 seconds. was worried i was actually going to be in serious trouble
>get out of bed and play vidya games and try forget the experience ever happened. didnt tell parents
thats about that.