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>The Secret is there is NO Secret.

∵ ƸӜƷ ∴

>What is #TheGame23?

#TheGame23 is an HYPERSIGIL: an ARTISTIC Egregore or mARG [magickal Alternate Reality Game], for ART <===> MAGICK.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, films director, comics writer and psychomagician started it in Oct. 2014.
With this tweet to his 2 million followers on TW and 4 million on FB.

>¡¡¡BIG NEWS!!! This GAME will heal The World.
>¡Call The Others and PLAY IT!
>Read slowly:
>#TheGame23 via @m1Vr4


>Douglas Rushkoff, Chaos Magician.

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, —self declared "Chaos Magician"- and declared world's 6th most
influential thinker in the world by MIT has also been seen playing #tg23 in the Discord server.

It is rumored that other intimate friends of Rushkoff, such as Chaos Magician Grant Morrison
might have entered the room too and contacting some members via DM.

>What is an HYPERSIGIL?

Answer: https://i.imgur.com/ekxa57A.png

The Pastebin has 70.000+ views and there are 13.000+ arworks on Instagram alone.

Most Artworks and sigiles are said to reside on the Deep Web, as a MEME-DATAPLEX.

>Who is the creator of #TheGame23?

@m1Vr4 wrote the original pastebin. It can be publicly verified
for he signed it with his private key:

>@m1Vr4's public PGP key: A0DE5795 retrievable from https://pgp.mit.edu
>Fingerprint: 1CF3 453D F31F 43FD E7AC C200 8554 0931 A0DE 5795

When he signed it, he used the email m1Vr4@phrack.org.
It is unknown if @m1Vr4 was actually part of the Phrack Council or not.

>Ok, please tell me how can I play #TheGame23 nao.
Answer: https://pastebin.com/wDN9DpdC
>∵ ƸӜƷ ∴