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My theory about what happens after death.
There are no gods but us.There is no Jesus Christ (oy vey), there is no bearded sky grandfather, and there is no karma.
We are ancient gods that created physical Universe and we are playing in it, like in videogames. Some planets like Earth reminds Dead Space, some heavenly planets remind Sims. Different planets like different genres of videogames. The more difficult life, the higher reward after you finish it, you re farming xp when you live on Earth. When you raise your lvl you can get body of more advanced beings than humans.Also xp raise your skill to create objects or whatever you want in the world of though (astral, your real home). After death you can do everything, you want by the power of thought. You can create heaven, you can create hell, you can create yuri orgy where one million perfect cuties will fuck you for over one billion years if you want it, et cetera, etc.
You are the real god, and everything just began.
Karma, sins it's for the local slaves to control their life by the priestly elite, there are no any restrictions for you after your death.
I'm done.
Source: no, it's not my ass, its nderf.org and my thoughts about it