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Gangstalked by bigfoot

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I live out in the country, deep in the sticks in Georgia. For the past 12 years, every night there is banging on my roof, tapping on my windows, scraping noises on the walls outside. Sometimes huge crashing noises and bangs that make me just about shit myself, the whole house shakes. Sometimes I stay up all night and see these huge beasts moving toward my house through the windows. I've managed to see their faces a few times, but they run lightning fast when I turn on the porch or yard lights or shine a flashlight, faster than Usain bolt. I tried leaving the lights on at night to keep them away but they throw rocks at the lights until they break if I do that. It's horrible because I can barely sleep and I'm too poor to move. Sex with my wife gets interrupted by all the noise, sometimes she gets startled by the banging and farts while we're doing it which kills the mood. I'm worried because it's gotten worse, I think they want to kill me. They seem like they've started following me to work. If I work late I'll go out to my truck in the parking lot and sometimes see one messing around with my car. The muffler was torn off once. One broke a window and I briefly SAW IT with its arm reaching into the car through the broken window as I left work. The fuckers distract me at work by throwing pebbles at the windows if it's dark enough outside. They also started sending me telepathic messages about how they want me to leave, how I look tasty to them and how they eat humans they hate (think this explains Missing 411). I've tried taking pictures but they always come out fucked up in some way because the hairy faggots avoid light and are so quick. Pic related looks like one I saw staring through my window when I went to get a midnight snack and flipped the lights on briefly.