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air poisoning

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This is a serious thread

according to federal requirements, vitamins behave like nanodroids that can also destroy its human host

however they've also built buildings full of pharmaceuticals

megadosing on pharmaceuticals and vitamins makes you a higher being

weed and caffeine make you professional
that's where the big think idea came from

The planetoids poison the food and the air and utilise violence including verbal violence to protect their pharmaceutical secrets

jah against demons i say

also when they sell 15% thc weed here while 28% weed is almost impossible to obtain at normal prices

THEY have adjusted the prices and the power for yhvh to say this isn't a federal case but what echoes behind the television is not a federal case either

You can't experience ultimate freedom here because the puppetteering happens in a merkaba two dimensional space with deaths

i have 5 seconds to explain the whole truth and it just ended i guess hvh