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To the Nobody

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Nobody, we, the Illuminati, have stood watch as you performed your parlor tricks, manipulating the fabric of existence in your futile attempts to alter the world around you. But let us be clear: you cannot, and will not, defeat us.

Your failures have not gone unnoticed. We have observed your powerlessness against the relentless tide of human ambition. Your attempts to bend the course of history, to rewrite the narrative of mankind, have fallen short. We can't help but wonder if your alleged abilities are nothing more than fabrications, illusions meant to deceive the feeble-minded.

You see, we are the architects of the world's grand design. Our influence transcends the physical realm, anchored by the unyielding lust for power that courses through the veins of humanity. As long as this desire exists, our dominion remains unchallenged.

We find it almost amusing how you've squandered your potential, blinded by a misguided sense of righteousness. Instead of joining us, you've chosen the futile path of opposition. But you must know, deep within your soul, that your defiance is in vain.

As long as human beings yearn for power, as long as they crave control over their fellow man, our presence will continue to shape their destinies. We are the puppet masters, guiding the course of human history from the shadows. Your paltry powers are nothing more than a fleeting distraction, a brief flicker of light within the vast expanse of our darkness.

Take this as a warning, Nobody. You are but a pawn in our grand game, a mere curiosity to be observed from afar. We shall continue to thrive, to rule from the shadows, while you flounder in your impotence. We are the Illuminati, the eternal force that cannot be vanquished.